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District 58 administers a variety of community surveys each year. The District’s administrators, principals and school improvement teams use the results to help guide improvements to both the District and individual schools.

Spring 2019 1:1 Learning Survey Results:

District 58 sought parent, student and staff feedback regarding its 1:1 Learning Program, which provides students in grades 1-6 with an iPad and students in grades 7-8 with a Chromebook.

Winter 2019 Parent Partnership Survey Results:

District 58 is working to enhance clear communication and meaningful partnerships between home and school to support student learning. Improvement efforts have focused on a review of report cards, progress reporting, parent-teacher conferences, online tools and other formal and informal communication opportunities. In January 2019, District 58 surveyed parents on these efforts.

2018-19 School Environment Survey Results:

District 58 invited parents to take the School Environment Survey in November and December 2018. District 58 administrators, principals and school leadership teams use survey results to guide district and school improvement efforts. This report includes both aggregate quantitative data as well as open-ended responses.

In February 2019, the District presented the School Environment Survey results to the Board of Education.

District 58 also invited parents, students (grades 4-8) and teachers to take the State’s 5Essentials survey in winter 2018-19. 5Essentials survey results will be available in the spring/summer and included in the 2019 Illinois Report Card for each District 58 school. District 58 will publish 5Essentials survey results when available.

2017-18 Survey Results:

The District’s 2011 Strategic Plan identified student well-being and social-emotional learning as a priority. To that end, the District 58 School Environment Survey polls parents on the District’s progress in this area.  At first glance, the 2017-18 parent survey revealed:

  • 94 percent* said their child feels his/her teacher really cares about him/her. (93 percent in 2016)
  • 95 percent believe their school is a supportive and inviting place for students. (94 percent in 2016)
  • 93 percent believe they have sufficient opportunities to communicate with their child’s teachers. (93 percent in 2016)
  • 89 percent believe their child is getting a quality education. (91 percent in 2016)
  • 95 percent said that adults at this school believe that their child can be a success (94 percent in 2016)
  • 91 percent said that their child’s school focuses on teaching the whole child, including social and emotional skills (92 percent in 2016)

Based on parents who answered “Always” or “Usually” to survey questions

2016-17 Survey Results:

Please view the results of District 58’s surveys below. The District administered these surveys in November and December 2016.

2015-16 Survey Results:

School Environment Surveys:

District and school teams are using these survey results in their ongoing district and school improvement planning efforts for the upcoming school year.

District 58 administered its annual School Environment Survey of students in grades 3-8 during April 2016.

District Reporting Systems Survey:
Results of District 58’s 2015-16 Reporting Survey of parents (Questions 22-26) are posted below. This survey was designed by the two Report Card Committees of the district to help guide and inform their work in reviewing and recommending improvements to the District’s elementary and middle school report cards.
Within the Reporting Survey, questions 23 and 25 offered parents a 4-point Likert-type scale response option, where a score of 4 represents “extremely valuable” and a score of 1 represents “not valuable.” Questions 26, 27 and 28 were open-ended response questions.  This report includes both aggregate quantitative data as well as open-ended responses.Results of this survey are helping to inform recommendations for improvements to the District’s report cards.  Once the District’s two Report Card Committees have had the opportunity to review these data and develop recommendations for report card improvements, the District plans to review and discuss these results and some of their Committees’ major findings and recommendations at a future School Board meeting.
2014-15 Survey Results: