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Kindergarten Resources

Dear Future Kindergarten Parent,Kindergarten Photo

Welcome to District 58! As you prepare to enroll your child in kindergarten, we wanted to share some helpful kindergarten resources with you. Please be sure to contact your neighborhood school to be added to their future kindergartener contact list.

District 58 school boundary map: See which school your child will attend.

Kindergarten Roundup schedule and school contact information : Attend this important event in March or April to get acquainted with your child’s school, principal, teachers and curriculum.

Kindergarten Readiness Night: Attend this meeting on Feb. 15 to learn more about the kindergarten curriculum and how you can prepare your child for kindergarten now.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten video: Watch this 8-minute video to learn more about kindergarten in District 58.

Short on time? Watch these mini-videos on kindergarten in District 58:

Kindergarten curriculum information: View this brochure for information on the District’s kindergarten curriculum.

Optional Kindergarten Enrichment and Enhancement Program information:

Getting Ready for Kindergarten: View this tip sheet for helpful pre-kindergarten reminders.

La preparación para el kindergarten: Vea esta página web para obtener útiles recordatorios de prejardín de infantes.

Grove Children’s Preschool presents Transitioning to Kindergarten: This sheet provides helpful information on transitioning your child from preschool to kindergarten.

District 58 Keys to Kindergarten Success: This checklist helps parents prepare for their child’s kindergarten experience.