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District Offices

Office of the Superintendent
1860 63rd St,
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Dr. Kevin Russell, Superintendent
Melissa Jerves, Secretary
Office of Business
Todd Drafall, 630-719-5829
Assistant Superintendent for Business/CSBO
Gina McCauley, Secretary, 630-719-5829
Katie Hannigan, Manager of Business Services, 630-719-5839
Carly Book, Payroll Bookkeeper, 630-719-5848
Kerry May, Bookkeeper, 630-719-5853
Jaime Tiesenga, Accounts Payable, 630-719-5854
Office of Personnel
Dr. Jayne Yudzentis, 630-719-5807,
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Staff Development
Kathy McCutcheon, Personnel Assistant, 630-719-5807
Kristin Mitchell, Secretary, 630-719-5806
Office of Special Services
Jessica Stewart, 630-719-5824
Assistant Superintendent for Special Services
Homeless Liaison
Cindy Gilbert, Secretary
Maria Pascarella, Special Programs Coordinator
Office of Community Relations
Community Relations Coordinator
Faith Behr
Interim Community Relations Coordinator
Office of Curriculum, Technology and Instruction
Longfellow Center
1435 Prairie Ave.
Downers Grove, IL. 60515

Justin Sisul, 630-719-5867,
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. James Eichmiller, Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Learning
Rozana Qirjaqi, 630-719-5835, EL Coordinator
Jessy Daniels, Curriculum Secretary
Patricia Vena, Technology Department Secretary
Angela Krzywicki, 630-719-2768, Bookstore Secretary
Jennifer Lehotsky, Instructional Coach
Megan Ryder, Instructional Coach
Tim Frederickson, Instructional Coach
Nicole Ring, Instructional Coach
Todd Cherney, Level 2 Technician
Cheryl Meuret, Data Assistant
Victor Tlaseca, Level 1 Technician
Michael Navarro, Level 1 Technician
Rod Novotny, Network Administrator
Maria Velez, Coordinator of Information Systems
Akhila Kothakapu, Software Systems Engineer

Office of Buildings and Grounds
Longfellow Center
Kevin Barto, Director of Buildings & Grounds
Geoff Neustadt, Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds
Grove Children’s Preschool
Contact:  Jackelyn Cadard, Preschool Coordinator