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Whittier School Safety Patrol: WE HAVE SAFETY IN NUMBERS!

Our responsible 5th and 6th graders at Whittier School have worked hard to make our school a safe place to be. Patrol members are assigned a variety of posts. Some assist with crossing students at Grand Avenue and Hill Street before and after school while others help, within the school day, making sure our young students obey and are treated with respect. We even have a morning greeter at our office door to welcome visitors and show them where to check in before the day begins. In all, we have fourteen different jobs for our patrol members. They wear their belts proudly and perform their responsibilities with respect and maturity. Whittier is in good hands!


student council small logoThe Whittier Student Council is a service-learning club for students in grades 4-6.  Students in grades five and six run for the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, spirit chairperson, service chairperson, and public relations chairperson in the fall.  To run, students must choose an organization that they would like us to support, then give a speech to the intermediate-grade students describing his/her chosen organization and why he/she is a good candidate.  After the election of officers, two students from each 4th-6th grade classroom are chosen by their classmates to be a student council representatives for either first or second semester.

Throughout the year, student council members meet monthly to plan events for the student body.  The purposes of these events are to 1) raise money for the chosen organizations, 2) promote an awareness of ways to support others, and 3) provide opportunities for students at all grade levels to gather and have fun.