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Meeting Highlights

District 58 regularly shares information related to each Board meeting in an effort to increase transparency and enhance the community’s understanding of Board decisions.

Board Briefs:
District 58 publishes the Board Briefs a couple of days after each regular Board meeting occurs. The Board Briefs are emailed to all parents, the local media and community leaders. They are also posted on the Board Briefs webpage and on social media. Board Briefs provide readers with a snapshot of meeting topics, presentations and decisions.

Meeting Minutes:
Meeting minutes provide a very detailed account of each Board meeting. Meeting minutes are taken during a Board meeting, and they are reviewed and approved by the Board during the following month’s meeting.

Meeting Video and Audio:
The District records video and audio from each Board meeting, allowing interested community members an even deeper listen into the Board meeting’s discussion and decisions. View links to recent meeting video and audio and archived meeting audio.