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Community Engagement

The District 58 Community Relations Office aims to inform our stakeholders how the District and its schools live out Grade 3 Students Lunchthe District 58 mission, vision and core beliefs, and engage them so that they have an interest in student learning, a stake in our students’ success, and a voice in shaping our students’ future.
This is done by:
  • Spearheading and supporting strategic, proactive communication efforts with all stakeholder groups
  • Developing and cultivating the District 58 brand with internal and external stakeholders
  • Promoting understanding among stakeholders of District initiatives and Board decisions
  • Ensuring consistent, clear messaging by working with District leaders and staff members to identify and utilize key district messages with external stakeholders
  • Celebrating District 58 excellence by sharing information about building/classroom programs and activities, and student/staff accomplishments, with the community
Ongoing communications and community relations goals
  • Use a variety of strategies and tools to maximize awareness and support of the District’s mission, core beliefs, goals, objectives and programs, and develop and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders
  • Use electronic/online communications to boost engagement and connections
  • Continue to improve upon existing District publications and information-sharing channels, and explore new tools and opportunities to communicate in print, online, and in person
  • Facilitate and promote two-way communications opportunities, and seek out opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to support student success
  • Maintain strong, positive connections between individual schools and their communities, as well as between the District and the community as a whole

The District 58 Community Relations Office:

  • Creates and oversees distribution of all District publications, including annual report, e-newsletter, internal newsletter, district videos, parent handbook and topical brochures/flyers; monitors reach and effectiveness
  • Creates and provides support for implementation of feedback opportunities, including surveys of students, staff, parents and community members
  • Serves as liaison to Education Foundation and assists with planning of Foundation events, including new teacher luncheon, Distinguished Service Awards recognition for staff, Select 58 recognition for eighth-graders, and grants program
  • Proactively provides information and responds to requests for information from the media
  • Maintains open lines of communication with stakeholders and other local government bodies/agencies, and responds to requests for information
  • Assists schools and staff, as well as District departments, with communications and publicity efforts
  • Oversees, manages and provides content for District’s social media presence
  • Oversees, manages and provides content for District’s web presence, monitors reach and effectiveness
  • Oversees, manages and provides support for District’s parent notification system
  • Oversees, manages and provides support for District’s crisis communications
  • Oversees and manages District’s community e-flyer program
District 58 Community Relations Coordinator:
Megan Hewitt