District 58 alumnus donates nearly 600 meal vouchers to families in need

Through their partnership with Chamber630, the Education Foundation secured nearly 600 meal vouchers from Dr. Steven Rembos, DPM of the Hospital Plaza Foot & Ankle Institute in Downers Grove. Dr. Rembos is an alumnus of Herrick in District 58 and DGN in District 99 and has had his practice in Downers Grove for over 30 years.

Each meal voucher is valid for 3-4 meals to local Downers Grove restaurants.

District 58 distributed these meal vouchers to our most in-need families, as identified by principals and social workers. We also distributed limited numbers of the vouchers during our lunch pickup program last week.

Thank you, Dr. Rembos and the Education Foundation, for your very generous donation! Through this donation, you have been able to both serve our families in need while also helping our local economy!!