Lester civics group hosts Zoom meeting with Sen. Curran

Lester Fifth Grade Teacher Doreen Arlow leads Lester’s Our American Voice civics group. Last month, the group hosted a Zoom meeting with Sen. John Curran. They discussed civics issues and how COVID-19 had affected their goals. They also asked Sen. Curran several questions about his work and how his role had evolved during the pandemic.

“I think all of our OAV lessons laid a great foundation for some really insightful questions,” Ms. Arlow said. “The kids wondered how COVID-19 was going to affect the Illinois economy, and even what his personal opinion is of the stay-at-home orders. After all the kids left the Zoom session, the senator, as well as the OAV facilitators, complimented them on how they presented themselves throughout the meeting. I’m very proud of them.”

Thank you for sharing this experience! Earlier this month, Ms. Arlow retired from District 58. Thank you for your service to District 58 and to the Our American Voice group!