Chicago Wolves players join Pierce Downer students during hockey P.E. unit

An intense, exciting vibe permeated the Pierce Downer gym on Feb. 4, as eager second graders hit the floor to play hockey during P.E. class. The students played with passion and energy, which undoubtedly was aided by the presence of two newcomers to their class: Chicago Wolves players Jonas Rondbjerg and Jimmy Schuldt!! The students played alongside the Wolves with ease (and admiration), and celebrated when they scored a goal against these pros. Many of the students donned Wolves jerseys, which were provided by the Wolves! Afterward, students lined up to get autographs from both Rondbjerg and Schuldt.

“Many students participate in hockey programs and camps outside of school, and many are big fans of the Chicago Wolves,” shared Pierce Downer P.E. Teacher Mary French. “This was a really big deal to the students, and I’m glad they were able to enjoy this experience!”

Rondbjerg and Schuldt visited Pierce Downer from 2-3 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Thank you for visiting!