District congratulates 2019 retirees

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 congratulates its 13 employees who will retire this school year. Together, this group has provided District 58 with 319 years of dedicated service. District 58 thanks its retirees for their numerous contributions and hard work, and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors!

District 58 employees retiring during the 2018-19 school year:

  • Lea Fazzini, Herrick resource teacher, 33 years
  • Marla Gilbert, Kingsley BEST Program teacher, 32 years
  • Mary Kalins, Fairmount instructional assistant, 32 years
  • Betsy Matson, Belle Aire fifth grade teacher, 32 years
  • Georganne Law, District curriculum secretary, 28 years
  • Todd McDaniel, Henry Puffer principal, 25 years
  • Judy Kindermann, District technology technician, 22 years
  • Ingrid Foster, Indian Trail instructional assistant, 21 years
  • Elise Harris, Fairmount secretary, 20 years
  • Janet Weiner, El Sierra secretary, 20 years
  • Adrianne Schaffer, Kingsley instructional assistant, 19 years
  • Pat Vikidel, Kingsley instructional assistant, 18 years
  • Julie Straub, Henry Puffer instructional assistant, 17 years

The photo above depicts many District 58 retirees during the Board of Education’s annual retiree luncheon at the McDonald’s Hyatt Lodge on Friday, May 24.