District 58 invites community to Author Fest Book Sale & Signing

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Downers Grove Grade School District 58 welcomes families and community members to the Author Fest Book Sale and Signing on Friday, April 20 from 6-8 p.m. at the Downers Grove Public Library. Families can enjoy a meet-and-greet, photo opportunity and book signing with five prominent children’s authors and illustrators –Troy Cummings, Brianna DuMont, Kate Hannigan, Michelle Schaub and Allan Woodrow.

The book signing will conclude the 2018 Author Fest. The annual District 58 PTA Council sponsored Author Fest event alternates each year between north side and south side schools. This year, Belle Aire, Henry Puffer, Highland, Hillcrest, Lester and Pierce Downer will welcome authors into their schools on April 18-20. The authors will share fun, hands-on insights about the writing/illustration process with students.

About the authors:

Troy Cummings started writing and illustrating as a child, and he hasn’t stopped! Cummings’ newest children’s book release is “Can I Be Your Dog?,” and he is also the author of “The Notebook of Doom” chapter book series. He has published illustrations for opera backdrops, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, games, newspapers, magazines and more. He resides with his family in Greencastle, Indiana.

Brianna DuMont’s writes “The Changed History” non-fiction intermediate book series. This series puts a creative spin on history, enticing even the most reluctant readers to delve in and read. Book titles include “Famous Phonies,” “Fantastic Fugitives” and “Thrilling Thieves,” and each features true and intriguing stories about famous historical figures.

Chicago author Kate Hannigan writes the “Cupcake Cousins” book series. She has also written two stand-alone titles: “A Lady Has the Floor” and “The Detective’s Assistant,” the latter of which received the 2016 Golden Kite Award for best middle-grade novel. A former journalist, Hannigan thoroughly researches her book topics to produce her best work.

Allan Woodrow has written several funny children’s books, including “Unschooled,” “Class Dismissed” and “The Pet War.” He also uses the pen name Fowler DeWitt for his books, “The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School” and “The Amazing Wilmer Dooley.” Woodrow lives with his family in the Chicago suburbs.

By day, Michelle Schaub serves as a literacy teacher at the Avery Coonley School in Downers Grove. However, in her free time she writes for children’s magazines and educational books. She published her first book, “Fresh-Picked Poetry,” in 2017. This book features a collection of poems that take young readers to a day at an urban farmers market.