The Reading Games seeks volunteers

DG58 reading games. jpgThe Reading Games will take place Saturday, March 10 at O’Neill Middle School.  More than 100 teams of third-through-eighth graders have spent several months reading 15 books and preparing for the friendly Reading Games tournament! Each team will participate in three rounds, answering trivia-style questions about the assigned books. It’s an amazing experience to watch students get excited about the books they’ve read!

To make this event a success, The Reading Games seeks parents and high schoolers to serve as moderators (ask the questions), scorekeepers (record the answers) and in other roles.

Interested in volunteering? Please take a moment to answer this brief survey. There are a few additional details in the survey as well. If you have a high school student who would like to volunteer, please share the student’s name and email address by email:

Thank you!

Jay Venzon, Debbie Dobrez, and Amy Ihde

The Reading Games 2018 March 10, 2018 at O’Neill Middle School 

May the books be in your favor!

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