Seven projects advance to regional Science Fair

District 58 held its 37th Annual Science Fair on Jan. 20

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 congratulates the 11 middle school students whose seven Science Fair projects will advance to the Regional Science Fair. The regional fair will take place Saturday, March 17 at Metea Valley High School in Aurora.

Congratulations and best of luck to students advancing to the regionals:

  • Audrey Arlis, Herrick eighth grader
    “At What Temperatures Do Enzymes Stop Working?”
  • Colin Coit and Jacob Curulewski, O’Neill eighth graders
    “Effect of Fluoride Rinse on Tooth Enamel”
  • Sydney Fleming, Herrick eighth grader
    “The Effects of Low Environmental Oxygen Levels on the Amount of Hemoglobin Produced”
  • Aiden Lee and Justin Martinets, Herrick seventh graders
    “How Do Different Ferrofluids React to Magnets?”
  • Charisse Lee and Elisenda Lee-Palou, Herrick eighth graders
    “Audio, Visual & Written Learning Styles”
  • Charles O’Neill and Luca Veriotti, O’Neill eighth graders
    “Measuring the Speed of Light in Gelatin”
  • Taran Sooranahalli, O’Neill seventh grader

District 58 held its 37th Annual Science Fair on Saturday, Jan. 20. During the fair, 574 students presented 352 projects. This marked the greatest number of student participants since 2012!