58 teachers and staff earn spring Green Apple Awards

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 congratulates the 58 teachers and staff who received an Education Foundation Green Apple Award between January-June 2017. Each Green Apple Award was accompanied by a donation to the Education Foundation, which will be used to help fund next year’s Teacher Grants Program.

Congratulations January-June 2017 Green Apple Award recipients!
Note: Staff who work at more than one school are noted by the school from which they received their award.
We are still adding a few final photos to the Green Apple photo gallery!

Doreen Arlow, Lester

Ashley Austin, Indian Trail

Christine Balagtas, Pierce Downer

Brian Barnas, Herrick

Maureen Bresnahan, Belle Aire

Ann Brinkman, Hillcrest

Ashley Brinkman, Lester

Kris Ceas, Herrick

Brittany Cerny, Hillcrest

Janice Conboy, Indian Trail

Jennifer Conyac, Lester

Shor Costello, Highland

Kelly DeMarco, Pierce Downer

Carrie Edwards, Henry Puffer

Christine Fiorenzi, Kingsley

Tara Fulton, Belle Aire

Cindy Gates, Indian Trail

Marla Gilbert, Kingsley

Amy Gray, Herrick

Jill Henry, Herrick

Christine Kaminski, Highland

Randi Kehm, Pierce Downer

Barry Kincaid, O’Neill

Kris Krumwiede (2), Hillcrest

Kelly Lebbing, Henry Puffer

Matthew Leiser, Lester

Elizabeth Lukes, Lester

Cheryl Lyons (3), Whittier

Jennifer MacArtney, Herrick

Katie Main, Fairmount

Liana Marino, Kingsley

Michele Maycan (2), Indian Trail

Sarah McJoynt, Herrick

Amanda Miller, Indian Trail

Lauren Minardi, Pierce Downer

Alison Mitchell, Pierce Downer

Kristen Mitzel, O’Neill

Sandra Munizzo, Belle Aire

Susan Murphy, Pierce Downer

Jill Oakley, Belle Aire

Amy Peksa, Hillcrest

Mallory Poe, Highland

Barbara Potocki, Fairmount

Julie Quinlan, Herrick

Richard Resh, Herrick

Diana Rhoades, Lester

Heather Richards, Whittier

Lisa Rose, Highland

Catherine Seiden, Kingsley

Kristen Steiner (2), Belle Aire

Patricia Szczurek (3), Lester

Linda Vanacora, Whittier

Jennifer Van Zant, Fairmount

Leslie Walker, Hillcrest

Julie Walters, Highland

Amanda Woo, Belle Aire

Kelly Wyatt, El Sierra

Ericka Zagorski, Whittier


View the September-December 2016 Green Apple recipient list and photo gallery.

Learn more about the Education Foundation and its Green Apple Program at www.58foundation.org.