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Assessment Data Review (2016-17)

District 58 is committed to the regular review and analysis of all student data as we continuously strive to enhance and support student learning.  An initial review of District 58’s spring 2017 data showed that our students achieved higher scores on the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment relative to the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment.

NWEA published a study in March 2016 that identified a strong correlation between MAP and PARCC scores. The study compared the scores of over 23,000 Illinois students. Based upon this study, it can be reasonably stated that if a student achieves at a particular level on MAP, he or she should achieve at a particular level on PARCC. As a specific example, if a third grade student achieves a spring Reading MAP score of 215, it is expected that he or she would achieve a level 4, or “Meets Expectations,” on the PARCC assessment in the same spring. Click here to review the NWEA study in greater detail.

Using the tables and charts in the NWEA study, we compared District 58’s spring 2017 MAP and PARCC scores in Math and Reading/ELA for each student in grades 3-8 who completed both assessments.  Overall, District 58 students perform higher on MAP than on PARCC. For example, in spring of 2017, 53 percent of third grade students were projected to attain a level 4 or level 5 on the PARCC assessment; when those same students took the actual PARCC assessment, only 38 percent reached that level of achievement.  All data for all grade levels are represented in the tables below.

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Parcc ELA Math Spring 2017

District 58 believes in a balanced approach to assessment. While PARCC may not be an assessment we selected, it is state mandated and we hope our students give it their best efforts.  We also believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that our students have the tools they need to achieve their potential on PARCC; this includes a familiarity with the online testing platform as well as the style and structure of questions likely to be encountered.  As we prepare our students for this assessment, we also count on our entire community to approach the assessment responsibly and help encourage a “can-do” attitude among our students, rather than a “must-endure” mentality.

PARCC data can be a useful tool to examine our overall curricular programming, as well as the rigor of individual content areas.  However, when our PARCC scores are significantly discrepant from other performance data, analysis of PARCC data may not yield accurate conclusions.  We look forward to using the Spring 2018 data as we are hopeful that this renewed approach to PARCC will yield data that more accurately represents our students’ current achievement levels.

To learn more about PARCC, click here.  To learn more about NWEA-MAP, click here.  To learn more or ask specific questions about District 58’s approach to assessment, please contact Justin Sisul, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, at jsisul@dg58.org or 630-719-2768.