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Summer Learning

worm Ahh, summer. Time to relax, have fun and savor the beautiful weather. But don’t forget to feed your brain too! Research shows that students who take just a few minutes each day to enjoy reading and practice math can maintain the great learning they worked so hard to accomplish during the school year.

District 58 encourages students to spend a few minutes each day feeding their brain.  Actively enjoying books, puzzles, math practice, summer learning programs and other academic enrichment activities throughout the summer are great ways to keep our brains active all summer long.  Students are encouraged to spend at least 20 minutes each day reading and 10 minutes practicing math!  

District 58 and its community partners offer a variety of fun programs and activities to help students meet this goal, preparing them for success in the fall.  While students will not be required to track their learning activities this summer, engaging in some of these summer learning activities will help students avoid the summer slump and prepare for success in the coming school year.

Check back in Spring 2017 for next summer’s opportunities! You can expect:

  • District 58 Summer School
  • District 58 Extended School Year
  • District 58 Parent-Led Book Clubs
  • District 58 Sports Camps
  • Downers Grove Public Library Summer Reading Program
  • PTA Summer Math Club
  • And more!
Summer Learning Parent Resources: