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Programs and Services


Grove Children’s Preschool – District 58’s Grove Children’s Preschool aims to meet the developmental and individual needs of all children in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment, while promoting educational success through engaging and collaborative learning experiences. Class sessions take place at Henry Puffer and Indian Trail schools in Downers Grove. Learn more.

Early Childhood Special Education – The Early Childhood Special Education Program is a part of Grove Children’s Preschool and is designed for students with identified developmental delays in the area of speech-language, motor, social-emotional, adaptive and/or cognitive functioning. This program provides early intervention in each of the developmental areas for identified children ages 3-4. Programs are located at Indian Trail School and Henry Puffer School.

Developmental Learning Program, DLP – The Developmental Learning Program is a highly individualized special education program designed to meet the intensive needs of students with known or suspected intellectual disabilities that are most likely combined with a communication disorder, limited adaptive skills, behavioral issues, social limitations, and/or significant academic deficiencies.  Programs are located at Hillcrest School for grades K-6 and O’Neill Middle School for grades 7-8. Learn more.

Behavioral, Emotional and Social Training Program, BEST – The BEST program uses a team approach to serve students with disabilities whose social, emotional and behavioral needs significantly impede their ability to access curriculum exclusively in the general education environment. Programming can include multi-grade grouping and can range from a full self-contained environment to the use of consultative services only.  BEST classes are located at Kingsley School for grades K-6 and O’Neill Middle School for grades 7-8. Learn more.

Reaching Independence through Structured Education Program, RISE –  The RISE Program offers an education experience customized for students affected by autism spectrum disorders. For example, the program:

  • employs staff with strong experience teaching students with autism to meet their individual needs and promote their independence.
  • supports students through a team approach to teach the whole child.
  • meets each student’s social, sensory, academic and communication needs.
  • collaborates with families and outside services to better support each child.
  • uses organized, research-based strategies, as well as a data-driven environment that supports decision-making.
The RISE Program is located at Indian Trail School. (Grades: Preschool — 1; The program will expand by one grade level each year.)

Resource – The Resource Program is designed for students who require special education services for less than 50 percent of their school day. This type of program can include consultation by the resource special education teacher to the regular classroom teacher and/or individual or small group direct instruction. Services are provided either within the grade-level classroom or in an alternative location within the school. Programs are located at all District 58 schools. (Grades: K – 8)

Inclusion – An Inclusion Program is designed for those students who would otherwise be in an instructional or self-contained special education program, but for whom it has been determined appropriate to provide supports and services in the regular education setting. The student attends their home school; the school that he or she would attend if they did not have a disability. Special Education Resource Teachers serve as Inclusion Facilitators for students in K-8. Programs are located at all District 58 schools. (Grades: K – 8)


Low Incidence Program (Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment) – Programs for students with a hearing and/or visual impairment are available in cooperation with the SASED Itinerant Services and SASED/DuPage/West Cook Diagnostics. Students may be serviced by an itinerant teacher who comes to the child’s home school or to a self-contained structure. (Grades: Preschool – 8)

Multi- Needs Program – Programs for children who have multiple disabilities with a primary or secondary disability of cognitive impairment are available through the SASED Cooperative. These programs provide highly specialized services with small student/staff ratios within small class settings that include medical monitoring, music therapy, art therapy, speech/language therapy, and physical and occupational therapy. Classrooms are located in District 58 as well as in surrounding school districts. (Grades: Preschool – 8)

Southeast School – This public alternative day program is administered by the SASED Cooperative and is designed to provide for the educational needs of students with a primary disability of emotional disability. The program provides individualized instruction in a small class setting along with counseling and behavioral supports. The program is located at the SASED office building in Naperville.

Private Placements – For students whose educational needs are so unique that they cannot be adequately addressed in a public school program, the student’s IEP team may consider one of several private special education programs that are available in the surrounding area.

Home/Hospital Instruction – Instructional services that are provided to any student with a medical condition that will cause an absence from school of more than 10 consecutive school days. The medical condition must be verified by written statement from a licensed medical examiner. In conjunction with the medical examiner, school personnel must determine that the student can educationally benefit from such a program.


Speech and Language (S&L) – Speech and language services are provided for students with an identified impairment in one or more of the following areas: articulation, voice, fluency and or language delay/disorder, which adversely affects their educational performance. Programs for students in need of speech/language support are located at each District 58 school. The Preschool Itinerant Speech Program is designed for preschool-aged children who are in need of speech/language support. These services are provided at El Sierra School and Henry Puffer School. (Grades: Preschool – 8)

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