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General FAQ

 Grove Children’s Preschool FAQ’s

     We hope this answers some questions that are commonly asked in regards to our community/tuition students.


What are the times of the program?

AM Session: 8:10-10:50 AM    PM Session: 11:55-2:35 PM

What is a “blended classroom”?

A blended classroom is comprised of 3 groups of students. Each classroom includes students that receive special education services, students that have qualified through our screening process for our Preschool For All program, and students from the community that pay tuition to attend our program. Additionally, all classes are a combination of 3 through 5 year olds (children who turn 5 after Sept. 1st and miss entry into Kindergarten). We believe that this unique blend of ages and developmental abilities make our classrooms and learning so vibrant for all students.

How many children are in one class and how many teachers per class?

Our Blended classrooms typically range around 18 students per session. As a result, students are supported by one certified teacher in early childhood education and two instructional assistants per classroom.

What is the cost of the tuition program?

The cost is $345 per month for 9 installments for a total of $3105. During the registration process, families are required to provide the first month installment of $345 to solidify their spot in our program for the 18/19 school year.

Is transportation provided for all students?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation for our community students at this time.

My older child had a teacher we loved. Can I request a teacher?

We love all our teachers so we understand that you do too. All of our teachers are highly trained and we are confident in the education and experience they provide each year to our students, therefore, we do not honor specific teacher requests.

I want to set up a carpool. Can I request a specific session & school?

We recognize that location requests are often impacted by logistics and transportation on your end. We will do our best to accommodate requests but are unable to guarantee that requests will be granted as we are accommodating roughly 200 students in our program.

My child turns 3 after September 1st, can I still enroll him/her?

To be eligible to participate in Grove Children’s Preschool as a community student, a child must turn 3 prior to September 1st.

How to I get my preschooler and K-6 students to school on time so they are ready for their day if the start times are so close but the buildings are across town?

We recognize your desire to have your children on time and well prepared for their day of learning. Therefore, we open our doors and assist with student arrival at 8:05am and end at 8:20am. (11:50-12:05 in the PM session). This creates the window of opportunity for you to drop your child off at Grove Children’s Preschool and transport older siblings to other school settings in fifteen minutes. This extended arrival time affords the opportunity for all District 58 students, Preschool through 8th grade, a successful start to their school day.