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OMS Cross Country Expectations

OMS Cross Country – Fall 2017




Ms. Reitsma and Mr. Kincaid will coach the OMS Cross Country team, and look forward to working with the team this season!  Mandatory meeting on Monday, 8/28.  The first full practice will be Tuesday, 8/29.  Runners can still join the team if they did not attend the Info. Mtg or practice the first day.


Runners must have a current physical on file at O’Neill in order to practice.  


Here are the expectations for all runners, parents and guardians to be aware of this season.



    • Runners are expected to attend all practices (current physical must be on file).
    • Conflicts due to other sports/activities need to be provided by a parent/guardian note or email to coaches to determine practice days in these cases.


  • Doctor notes need to be provided to coaches in situations where an athlete is


medically not able to participate in physical activity.

  • Runners who miss 2 days of practice without notifying coaches or providing a parent/guardian note or email will no longer be able to continue participating on the team.  Coaches will notify parents/guardians in this situation.


In all cases, athletes will be expected to notify parents/guardians if they are not at practice to either be picked up, take the bus or walk home.


Practice (see attached schedule):

  • Most practices will be held Mondays – Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:30 pm, except on days where school is not in session or early dismissal days. Runners must have rides to pick them up by 4:30 pm if they are not walking home.  There will be no busing provided.
  • Fridays will be a shortened practice day from 3:15 – 4:00 pm, except on days where school is not in session or early dismissal days. Runners must have rides to pick them up by 4:00 pm on Fridays if they are not walking home.  There will be no busing provided on Fridays.
  • Runners will be expected to change into their PE uniforms in the locker rooms and meet in the cafeteria for attendance by 3:25 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Most practices will end around 4:15 pm (3:55 pm on Fridays) to allow for runners to change and gather materials before leaving.
  • Weekend workouts will be provided on Fridays during school, and runners are expected to follow these workouts to continue their running progress.


Meets (see attached schedule and directions):

  • Runners must be academically eligible, not injured, and in good running condition to complete the expected race distance without walking/stopping in order to attend a meet.  Coaches will monitor practices preceding a meet to determine if runners have met these conditions.  
  • If runners cannot complete a practice without walking/stopping prior to a meet, then coaches will automatically hold runners from that meet to allow for more practice to be prepared for a future meet.  Only runners who will race will come on the bus to meets.
  • Coaches will notify runners who are not able to go to meets at the end of the practice that precedes the meet.  Not all runners attend all meets due to these reasons.

Meet Arrival & Departure

  • Runners who attend away meets will change into PE uniforms after school and take a bus to the meet location.  Busing will be provided back to O’Neill after away meets.
  • Parents/guardians attending an away meet can sign out their son/daughter with a coach in order to leave the meet after the race.  Parents can also provide coaches a note/email in advance of meets to give permission for other parents to sign out and take their runner from the meet.  Only these parents will need to then sign out your runner.
  • Runners who attend home meets will walk (no busing provided) to Barth Pond after changing into PE uniforms after school, and do not need to sign out after racing.


Questions/Contact Coaches:

  • Ms. Reitsma will maintain 8th grade attendance and Mr. Kincaid will monitor 7th grade attendance.  Please email both coaches for attendance purposes.  Both coaches will work closely with the team to encourage and monitor progress.  To reach us by phone, please call 630-719-5815 as early as possible.  Coaches might not be able to receive all phone messages or emails that same day prior to a practice/meet.


Ms. Reitsma:  ereitsma@dg58.org     Mr. Kincaid:  bkincaid@dg58.org


* We appreciate all your help and support for the OMS Cross Country team *