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Our School

Welcome to Indian Trail.  Indian Trail opened its doors in September of 1967. Since that time there have been two additions; one addition in 1990 and another in 1994.  The school was named Indian Trail because it sits on the Indian Boundary line.  The grounds include 9.05 acres giving students ample room to learn and grow both inside and out.

Currently, Indian Trail is home to approximately 400 students and 60 staff members.  Typically there are two classrooms at each grade level.  Students receive music, art and physical education from specialists during the week and support from a specialist team when needed (speech/language, social work, school psychologist, nurse, ELL and learning resource teachers).



1967-1970       Thomas Tobey

1970-1973       Norm Crandus

1973-1981       Charlotte Steinhauer

1981-1984       Vern Langley

1984-1986       Linda Anderson

1986-1987       Linda Schielke

1987-1988       Paul Mikulcik

1988-1989       F. Gregg Rybinski

1989-2004       Fred Haber

2004-       Robin Bruebach