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Food and Consumer Science

The ultimate goal of these learning opportunities is to empower students to effectively manage emerging life issues by applying knowledge and skills while problem solving and collaborating with others through a set of cross-curricular learning experiences. Students will integrate skills from a variety of instructional areas such as math, science, health and artistic design in order to develop products during this class. The Family and Consumer Sciences instruction is based on six domains.

The Domains of Food and Consumer Science Instruction in District 58

Child Development: In this domain, students observe and describe the growth and development of preschool-aged children. This domain focuses on safety, first aid and caring for young children.
Clothing & Construction: In this domain, students learn the tools necessary to care for, create and analyze clothing.
Culinary Arts: In this domain, students focus on demonstrating and analyzing appropriate food preparation, as well as identifying factors contributing to the handling, safety and sanitation of food products.
Financial Consumerism: In this domain, students focus on the decision-making process and the cause and effect of advertising on spending.
Interior Design: In this domain, students assimilate the use of color, scale, space and the effects of these elements on design.
Nutrition & Wellness: In this domain, students learn tools to identify nutrition and how it relates to their health. Students will learn the USDA dietary guidelines and MyPlate, and they will analyze food labels.