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Erin’s Law Learning Experiences

Erin’s Law requires all students in grades Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in Illinois to experience age-appropriate learning opportunities regarding sexual assault and abuse prevention. The District 58 Social Work and Counseling team researched a variety of resources and learning experiences. The team has developed an age-appropriate continuum of learning opportunities for our children in order to help them be safe throughout our community. Topics of focus are as follows:
  • Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten: Personal Safety
  • 1st Grade: Safe Touching: Ok Touching & Non-Ok Touching
  • 2nd Grade: Relationships You Have with People
  • 3rd Grade: Community Safety
  • 4th Grade: Changing Relationships
  • 5th Grade:  Healthy Relationships, Boundaries & Abuse
  • 6th Grade: Continued Healthy Relationships, Rumors, & Gossip
  • 7th Grade: Authority Figures, Relationships, Community Safety, & Sexual Abuse
  • 8th Grade: Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, & Digital Citizenship.
View District 58’s Erin’s Law Presentation shared with parents at an information night Jan. 27, 2015.
More information regarding Erin’s Law can be found at the Erin’s Law Website.