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Reading and Language Arts

The Common Core State Standards in English-Language Arts focus on seven unique domains. Each domain is divided into several anchor standards which students must learn and master. In District 58, many students achieve grade level standards quickly and progress to standards above grade level. As such, our learning experiences are centered around the domains and anchor standards, allowing students to have learning experiences at their instructional level and promoting their growth within each domain and anchor standard.

The Domains of Common Core English-Language Arts

Cross-Content Integration: The capacity to apply English-Language Arts skills in Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and other content areas

Language: Skills related to the mechanics, conventions, meaning and vocabulary

Reading – Foundational Skills: Reading skills related to deriving meaning from letters, symbols and number combinations. This is also known as decoding skills.

Reading – Informational Text: Reading skills related to deriving meaning from non-fiction text

Reading – Literature:
Reading skills related to deriving meaning from fictional text

Speaking & Listening: Skills related to oral communication including transfer of meaning and ideas. Areas of focus are comprehension, collaboration, and presentation of knowledge and ideas.

Text Complexity: The capacity to derive meaning from texts with increasingly more difficult language, vocabulary and structure

Writing: This is the process of organizing ideas into written form. This includes language usage, vocabulary and syntax.