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Older Adults and Kids

Volunteers sought for Older Adults and Kids program Brochure | Volunteer Form

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a special skill to share? Do you enjoy reading aloud and helping children grasp the joy the written word? What about tutoring or homework help—and seeing the look on a child’s face as you find just the right way to explain a concept they’ve been struggling with? What about playing educational games with children, or lending a teacher a hand?

District 58 children can learn so much from our community members who are 55 and older, and participating in our Older Adults and Kids volunteer program doesn’t require any specific time commitment. It’s whatever works in your schedule, and whatever you feel you can give.

Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to email mhewitt@dg58.org, or fill out and mail our OAK Volunteer Interest Form to District 58 Communications Office, 1860 63rd St., Downers Grove, IL, 60516. A copy of the informational brochure also is posted on our Web site.