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The International Friends Project benefits preschoolers

Know anyone who skis to school? Probably not, but students in Nancy Hildreth’s preschool class do! As part of their International Friends Project, they recently invited Anders Singdahlsen, a Norwegian preschool parent, to visit their classroom. “It was very different when I grew up in Norway,” Singdahlsen told the preschoolers. […]

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Writer and illustrator share their stories with Whittier

Award-winning children’s authors Avi and Brian Floca shared words of wisdom with Whittier fourth, fifth and sixth graders during a school visit Oct. 15. While each author has produced award-winning books on his own, the duo has frequently collaborated on several beloved children’s books, including “City of Light, City of […]

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Lester recognizes our men and women in blue

Lester students and staff celebrated Blue Balloon Day on Sept. 30 in honor of our own Downers Grove Police Department.  Blue Balloon Day is part of the Blue Across the Nation initiative, which honors and shows support for law enforcement across the nation. Lester decided to surprise the DGPD while […]

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