District 58 congratulates its 2017 retirees

2017 Retirees

Downers Grove Grade School District 58 congratulates its 27 employees who will retire this school year. Together, this group has provided District 58 with 586 years of dedicated service. District 58 thanks its retirees for their numerous contributions and hard work, and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors!

District 58 employees retiring during the 2016-17 school year:
(Includes all staff who retired/will retire between July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017)

  • Jeff Kramer, Fairmount night custodian, 37 years
  • Jon Ball, Herrick band director, 34 years
  • Barb Potocki, Fairmount kindergarten teacher, 34 years
  • Norm Rick, Belle Aire/Henry Puffer/Hillcrest music teacher, 34 years
  • Julie Plepel, Whittier kindergarten teacher, 33 years
  • Tom Mega, Herrick/O’Neill/Pierce Downer psychologist, 31 years
  • M. Kyle Rennels, O’Neill English-Language Arts teacher, 30 years
  • Cherie Cavanaugh, Belle Aire secretary, 27 years
  • Pam Osika, ASC secretary to the superintendent/Board secretary, 26 years
  • Dr. Judy Kmak, Highland principal, 24 years
  • Joe Stukel, Hillcrest night custodian, 24 years
  • Joanna Carney, Fairmount reading specialist, 21 years
  • Maureen Chmel, Kingsley third grade teacher, 20 years
  • Cindy Gates, Indian Trail resource teacher, 20 years
  • Paula Griesbaum, Highland instructional assistant, 19 years
  • Barb Inouye, Kingsley instructional assistant, 19 years
  • David Balika, O’Neill band director, 18 years
  • Julie Bianchin, Indian Trail reading specialist, 18 years
  • Kathy Kostelny, Fairmount second grade teacher, 18 years
  • Pam Mizek, Kingsley second grade teacher, 17 years
  • Tony Coglianese, Fairmount principal, 15 years
  • Gail Leslie, Belle Aire instructional assistant, 15 years
  • Alison Andersson, Hillcrest instructional assistant, 13 years
  • Mark Larsen, Pierce Downer night custodian, 11 years
  • Kimberly Wojcik, Kingsley fourth grade teacher, 11 years
  • Donna Reid, Highland instructional assistant, 9 years
  • Rich Miller, Highland head custodian, 8 years

On Friday, May 26, the Board of Education hosted a Retiree Luncheon to celebrate this year’s retirees. Principals and administrators shared insights about each retiree and their impact on District 58. The retirees also talked about their time with District 58. Please view the photo gallery below for luncheon snapshots!