Four District 58 third graders win a firetruck ride to school – Learn how!

Congratulations to the four District 58 third graders who won this year’s Downers Grove Fire Department’s Home Fire Escape Plan contest! The contest winners are Bryn O. from Fairmount, Calia C. from Whittier, Grace L. from Indian Trail and Miah W. from Hillcrest!

District 58 partners with the Downers Grove Fire Department on several educational initiatives, including the third grade Learn Not to Burn program. As part of the program, students use their fire safety knowledge to design a home fire escape plan and enter it into the contest. The Fire Department carefully reviews each plan and selects the winners.

The selected students win an amazing experience: A firefighter – in a Downers Grove firetruck – will drive to the student’s house and personally pick up the student and one friend. The firefighter will drive the students to the firehouse for a delicious breakfast with the whole crew. Finally, the firefighter will chauffeur the students to school in the firetruck. Often, the student’s classmates enthusiastically greet the firetruck as it pulls in front of the school.