District 58 students perform in ILMEA’s All-State Elementary Chorus

ilmea2Downers Grove Grade School District 58 congratulates the 46 fifth and sixth graders selected to participate in the recent Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA)’s All-State Elementary Chorus in Peoria. Only 300 students statewide were selected for this honor.

“Every District 58 elementary school was represented at this year’s ILMEA All-State Elementary Chorus,” said Pierce Downer Principal Justin Sisul, who also serves on the ILMEA Board of Directors. “These students had an opportunity to rehearse and perform under nationally renowned conductors and they took full advantage of the experience with their focused, attentive work and expressive, committed performance! We are incredibly proud of these students who represented our district’s commitment to excellence at the state level!”

District 58 students were selected by their participation in the Downers Grove Children’s Choir and with a music teacher recommendation.

When they arrived in Peoria, students joined a combined group of 300 young singers for a three-hour rehearsal, followed by a stunning public performance. The singers split into a boys’ chorus and a girls’ chorus, and each performed a program of inspiring music. Both choirs combined to perform a melodic rendition of “Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive,” as arranged by Joy Hiokawa.

District 58 music teachers directed extra choir practices for the ILMEA students during the weeks leading up to the performance. The students and music teachers alike worked hard, practicing during lunch and other non-class times.

Congratulations to this year’s District 58 ILMEA All-State Elementary Chorus participants:

  • Maddie Akkawi, Belle Aire
  • Karthik Kumar, Belle Aire
  • Norah Rajesh, Belle Aire
  • Anna Luczak, El Sierra
  • Emelia Parson, El Sierra
  • Audrey Curulewski, Fairmount
  • Ethan DeCastro, Fairmount
  • Phoebe Musial, Fairmount
  • Paul Spang, Fairmount
  • Zoe Rodriguez, Henry Puffer
  • Matthew Sirota, Henry Puffer
  • Ajoni Anand, Highland
  • Olivia Benoit, Highland
  • Katelyn Hennelly, Highland
  • Kayla Kellam, Highland
  • Charlotte Murphy, Highland
  • Olivia Gornik, Hillcrest
  • Kristen Kras, Hillcrest
  • Casey Muzykansky, Hillcrest
  • Jamari Anthony, Indian Trail
  • Riley Cain, Indian Trail
  • Liz Strand, Indian Trail
  • Jamie Young, Indian Trail
  • Theo Corrie, Kingsley
  • Tyler Havle, Kingsley
  • Hannah Venzon, Kingsley
  • Sean Casey, Lester
  • Noah Chansey, Lester
  • Owen Curran, Lester
  • Ella Knickerbocker, Lester
  • Holden Peckenpaugh, Lester
  • Tatum Ringbloom, Lester
  • Taylor Sisco, Lester
  • Jenna Soelberg, Lester
  • Rylie Conway, Pierce Downer
  • Fiona Doyle, Pierce Downer
  • Abby France, Pierce Downer
  • Katy Heverin, Pierce Downer
  • Sarah Lampsa, Pierce Downer
  • Sydney Miller, Pierce Downer
  • Isaac Moss, Pierce Downer
  • Anna Figliomeni, Whittier
  • Annika Isacson, Whittier
  • Katherine Mielke, Whittier
  • Addie Potter, Whittier
  • Megan Quinn, Whittier

For more information regarding District 58’s participation in the ILMEA All-State Elementary Chorus, please contact Megan Hewitt, District 58 community relations coordinator, at mhewitt@dg58.org or 630-719-5805.