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Welcome to the 2014-2015

School Year!!!

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  • Our first day of school is quickly approaching! 
    Monday, August 25, 2014 is the first day of student attendance.  
     This will be a full day for all students following the regular, daily schedule.
    A.M. Kindergarten 8:20A.M.-11:05A.M.
    P.M. Kindergarten 12:10P.M. - 2:55P.M.
    Grade 1-6 including Primary and Intermediate Developmental Learning Program  8:20A.M.- 2:55P.M. 
    All students in grades K(A.M.) - 6 are to go onto the playground area no earlier than 8:10A.M. When the 8:20 bell rings, students are to line up in the area designated for their specific classroom.  There will be cones in the front of the lines indicating teachers' names. Staff will be available with class lists should parents or students need to know their teacher's name.
    DLP students are dropped off in the driveway at the front entrance. Teachers and instructional assistants meet the students and they all walk down to class together.
    P.M. Kindergarten children should arrive by noon and will meet outside the kindergarten doorway (Door #3 on Jefferson). Mrs. Barclay and other available staff will assist children in lining up and entering the school building. 
    Students in grades 1-6 who are picked up by car or walk home will leave the building, and are encouraged to go directly to parents in front of the building on Jefferson or on Dunham. Bus students will leave the building from doors 4, 5 or 6 and go directly to Bus # 1 or 2. These buses are parked along the side, but more toward the back of the school building. Students must board the buses as quickly as possible.  Buses leave by 3:00 / 3:02, as they have other routes to complete after dropping off Hillcrest students.
    A.M. Kindergarten Dismissal:  Students who are picked up by car or walk home will be walked out of Door #3 and handed off to parent or caregiver. Students riding the bus home or to day-care will be walked to the front entrance of school to wait for buses. Buses will drop students off at day care or the home address.  If there is no one waiting outside the home to meet the child, the driver will return the child back to school.  You will receive a phone call to come to school and get the child.
    P.M. Kindergarten Dismissal: Students who are picked up by car or walk home will be walked out of  Door #3 and handed off to parent or caregiver. 
    This should help us get the year started regarding getting our students to and from school!  New parents and students will become familiar with drop-off and pick-up times quickly.  
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      8/1:   Office Hours Resume - 8:00AM-4:00PM
    8/11:   Summer Math Club ends
    8/15:  School Supply Pick-Up (8AM - 6PM)
    8/21:   KDG. Move-In Day (AM Students 4:15 - 5PM)  (PM Students 5:15-6PM) 
                 Hillcrest Fest  6:00PM - 7:30PM
    8/25:   First Day of School (Regular school hours will be followed)
    8/28:   Curriculum Night   6:00PM - 7:30 PM 
      9/1:   Labor Day - No School 
     9/11:  Camp Edwards Parent Meeting  6:30 @ Hillcrest
    9/18:   Teacher Inservice - Students attend in A.M. only
    9/19:    Picture Day 
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  • Quick link: MAP testing information
    K-8 students throughout District 58 will be participating in the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment program. Click here for additional information on MAP in District 58.
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Hillcrest School . . . Home of the HOUND DOGS paws
paws Principal: Mrs. Paula Thomas 
                                                   Assistant Principal: Mrs. Melissa Capizzi     

Welcome to Hillcrest School! Hillcrest opened its doors on February 18, 1952 in response to the growth of Downers Grove after World War II. Over the years, the physical building has been expanded twice, first in 1957 and then in 1993. One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the Hillcrest community. The Hillcrest community consists of dedicated staff, involved parents and enthusiastic students. Please take a look around and come back soon!
The following items were selected to be highlighted on our homepage in order to provide you with a quick reference to some FAQ's. These and many more descriptions of procedures and practices specific to Hillcrest School can be found in the new Hillcrest School Parent Handbook, which will be electronically shared soon.   There will also be a limited amount of hard copies available on Curriculum Night.
paw bullet  Arrival and Departure ~ We welcome students to the playground in the morning before school begins. Students must not arrive before 8:10 A.M. as there is no supervision until then. Students will line up with their class and be led into the building to begin their school day. Parents and other adults are not allowed to enter the school through any side doors. after school, students are encouraged to promptly leave school premises. There is no supervision after school.
paw bullet  Parking and Traffic ~ We ask for your cooperation during student drop-off and pick-up times. There is no parking on either side of   Jefferson between 8:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. For safety purposes, do not let your children in or out of vehicles on the north side of           Jefferson or east side of Dunham, forcing them to cross the street in between other cars and in the middle of the block. As parent      role models, please encourage them to cross with one of our two crossing guards.  The goal for the smoothest traffic line in a                residential school area such as ours is safety and consistency.  Please think: PULL UP ... DROP OFF ... DRIVE ON.  
PAW BULLET  Visitors / Building Security ~ Enter school through the main doors on Jefferson. Ring the bell on the left and pull door as you are       buzzed in by someone in the office. Stop in the office on the right to sign in and receive a Visitor Badge. Badge must be visible at all times while in the building.  Upon leaving the building, visit the office again in order to sign out. Items such as forgotten lunches, musical   instruments, homework and projects must be left in the school office. Students will retrieve the items or office staff will deliver them     at a time that is least interruptive to learning.
paw bullet  Absences ~ Parents /caregivers must call the school office (630-719-5840) BEFORE 8:00 A.M. to report that a student will be absent or late. Voicemail is available between 4:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. and absences can be reported the preceding evening to avoid any possible line overload at the start of the school day. If the office is not notified of an absence or tardy, staff will call home as well as all emergency numbers provided on the student's emergency sheet until the student's absence has been verified.  We must be sure that all students are safe, and that their whereabouts are known.
paw bullet  Medication ~ Medication is not administered to children by the school staff. If it is imperative that medicine be given during the school day, a  Medication Permission and Instruction form must be completed by the parents and the physician authorizing the school to administer the medication. Only prescription medication may be administered to children by school staff.
paw bullet  Edible Treats ~ Due to the increased amount of students who suffer from allergies, edible treats (home made or store bought) are not allowed in celebration of birthdays. Goodie Bags containing other non-edible items may be given, or donating a book to the student's classroom library is another suggestion. 

District Resources

Principal: Paula Thomas
Assistant Principal: Melissa Capizzi
Secretary: Lisa Reinhart
Clerk: Lauren Filip
Address: 1435 Jefferson Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: (630) 719-5840
School hours: 8:20 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.